DILab is free and open to all - university students, PhD candidates, young entrepreneurs and everyone with an innovative idea.

  • We provide a methodology to explore and improve the innovation potential of your ideas
  • We promote the creation of interdisciplinary groups for the development of outstanding innovation projects
  • We create connections with companies and entrepreneurs interested in your innovation proposition
  • We organizes meetings to provide feedback on ideas and projects
  • We organize a contest: Best Projects Awards



DILab provides you the methodology to develop innovative projects.

concept ideation Product / service concept ideation
idea valuation Idea valuation
feasability Technical and financial feasibility

market Market potential evaluation
prototyping Prototyping
planning Project planning

Technology awareness

DILab creates aggregation around technological issues of great potential and broad interest.

iot Internet of Things
big data Big data
blockchain Blockchain

machine learning Machine learning & AI
digital marketing Digital marketing
industry 4.0 Industry 4.0

Supporting courses

If you cannot take the courses you can always be part of DILAB meetings and receive guidelines for your project.


DILAB organizes the contest "Best Projects Awards".
Projects with a good potential are evaluated by a panel of entrepreneurs and academics.
A certificate will be awarded to the best ones who will win a Booster Program for the actual development of the business idea.
Submit your project for the contest by June 20, 2017.
To submit your project just fill the form.

Best Projects Awards

What they say about us

"Exceptional! Have not only different points of view, but also completely different mentalities, helps to improve even yourself, getting the best of the others"
Engineering student
"There are many potential ideas within us, and these are the right opportunities to exploit them"
"It's an inspiring experience and allows you to develop skills that generally are not considered in the course of study"
Economics student
"The comparison with others creates a real engine of ideas"
"It stimulates curiosity, creativity, desire to make a positive contribution, and makes us more aware of the importance of what each of us can do"
Psychology student
"Many times I've felt the need to overcome the extreme specialization of knowledge. It's an experience that helps you to bring out the creative potential, and gives great satisfaction."
Humanities student
"Diversity makes a difference"

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DILab is the opportunity to explore and develop skills for action.
It is free and open to all: in order to attend the program just fill the form below or send an email. We will contact you for further information.
Project submission by June 20, 2017

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